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About Workshop


MATLAB is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and proprietary programming language developed by MathWorks. This programme is basic introduction to the environment of MATLAB. Programme is designed to introduce student to basic programming and functionality of MATLAB.

Course Outcome

Introduction to MATLAB technical environment and using MATLAB as a computational tool to solve high computational problems encountered in the engineering processes. Plotting curves, finding solutions using matrices, vectors and equations. Importing exporting data in the form of .csv, .xlxs and .txt files. Load analyze and manipulate Images and perform relational operators

Course Fees(4 weeks): 2500 INR 1500 INR

Course Start From: 15 May 2020

Introduction to MATLAB
• Introduction and installation of software
• Explaining Software and more about software
• Variables and their types.
• Basic Arithmetic operations
• Permutation Combination and prime no.
• Assignment 1

Vectors and Matric
• Basics of Vector
• Indexing and sorting of vectors. Some important Aspects.
• Basics of matrices
• Advancing with matrices
• Functions for matrices
• Introduction to image processing with MATLAB
• Minor Project 1

Data Visualizations and Conditions
• Data visualization
• Different graphs and their plotting
• Subplot and Handling
• Conditional statements
• Nesting of Conditional statements
• Assignments

Loops and Functions
• Loops and their uses
• Project by loops
• Functions
• Introduction to Simulink
Major Project