JAVA Programming

About Workshop


Java is an object-oriented programming language with its runtime environment. It is a combination of features of C and C++ with some essential additional concepts. Java is well suited for both standalone and web application development and is designed to provide solutions to most of the problems faced by users of the internet era. This course aims to provide an overview of JAVA that the person learns and make own programs in java.

Course Outcome

On completion of the course the student should be able to: Use an integrated development environment to write, compile, run, and test simple object-oriented Java programs. Read and make elementary modifications to Java programs that solve real-world problems.

Course Fees(2 weeks): 1200 INR 720 INR

Course Start From: 15 May 2020

Basics of Programming & Environment Setup
• IntelliJ setup
• JDK setup
• basic operators
• JDK, JRE and JVM

Java Syntax and Basic programs
• Conditional Statements
• Loops
• Some pattern questions