Programming with C and C++

About Workshop


Introduction to the world of programming in computer. C is the heart of programming and most common language. This course is about to start from Hello World to pointers and memory Allocations. The course will strengthen your programming roots.

Course Outcome

Upon completion of this course, students will acquire knowledge about: Able to implement the algorithms and draw flowcharts for solving Mathematical and Engineering problems. Demonstrate an understanding of computer programming language concepts. To be able to develop C programs on Windows platform.

Course Fees(6 weeks): 2500 INR 1500 INR

Course Start From: 15 May 2020

• Introduction to principle of programming.
• Introduction to C programming.
• Variables and rule of their naming.
• Operators & their Preceding rules.

Control statement & Decision Making(if ,if-else & switch).
• Nesting of control statements.
• Loops(for, while & do-while).
• Break & Continue Statement.
• Minor Project 1

• 1-D arrays.
• 2-D arrays.
• Strings.
• Functions and types of functions.
• Array and Functions.

• Pointers.
• Pointers Arithmetic.
• Function with Pointers.
• Storage Classes.
• Preprocessor directives
Major Project 1

Bonus week
• Graphics Library and functions .
• Techniques for Static and Movable Graphics
• Project Based on Graphic Library.

• Major Project 2